"Flinders at Tonsley co-locates expertise in Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics together with the Flinders Medical Device Research Institute and the Centre for Nanoscale Science and Technology, alongside some of Adelaide’s biggest businesses and key industries. It is also a new hub for entrepreneurs and future employers who are creating next generation start-ups through the Flinders New Venture Institute,” Professor Colin Stirling. Vice-Chancellor.

School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics

The School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics produces graduates who are in great demand in the information communications technology, science, mathematics and engineering sectors. The combination of these disciplines eliminates the often arbitrary boundaries that can be created by separating them.

Its research focuses on defence and national security, medicine and health, and the environment. An integral part of studying engineering at Flinders is the opportunity to experience future employer environments first hand with a 20 week ‘work-integrated learning’ (WIL) placement. The close business-industry relationships that will be spawned by Flinders at Tonsley will further expand these WIL opportunities, which play an invaluable role in preparing ‘job ready’ graduates.

More information about the School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics (PDF).


Medical Device Research Institute

The Medical Device Research Institute is committed to producing high quality research and delivering benefits through the application of technology to the medical and allied health sectors. The Institute fosters cross-disciplinary collaborations and places particular emphasis on the importance of university and industry interaction.

The Medical Device Partnering Program within the Institute provides a unique model for collaboration between researchers, clinicians, end-users and industry to develop cutting-edge medical devices and assistive technologies that solve real problems.

More information about the Medical Device Research Institute (PDF).



New Venture Institute

The New Venture Institute will extend from ‘hands-on’ learning experiences for students to the translation of successful research into leading edge products and services. This will include the potential attraction of capital to support commercial developments.

The Institute aims to tap the skills and entrepreneurial experience of Flinders’ academic and research staff, particularly the Flinders Business School, and has been responsible for a number of successful programs and company spin-outs including Venture Dorm.

More information about the New Venture Institute (PDF).



Centre for Nanoscale Science and Technology

Centre for Nanoscale Science and Technology's mission is to apply world-class fundamental research and know-how to provide novel, robust solutions to the challenges facing Australia in the general areas of energy, health, security and water.

The Centre is a research hub encompassing nanoscale projects in areas such as water, energy, health and security. Projects include environmentally friendly corrosion and anti-fouling protection, new desalination membranes, new approaches for harnessing energy, DNA genotyping for cancer diagnostics, and fingerprinting using quantum dots.

More information about the Centre or Nanoscale Science and Technology (PDF).



Flinders Partners

Flinders Partners is the commercialisation agent for Flinders University. Flinders Partners manage the licensing of the University’s intellectual property, and facilitates the provision of researcher expertise to government and industry through consultancies and contracted research. Flinders Partners adopts an ‘open’ approach to managing the University’s commercial interests and places a strong emphasis on the importance of forming commercial partnerships early.

Its involvement with the new Tonsley precinct aligns loosely with their core vision, to create and deliver relevant, brave and valuable ways of extending the University’s value to the commercial environment, leading to Flinders University being recognised as a valuable leader and a leader in partnering.

More information about Flinders Partners (PDF).