Parking at Tonsley is free of charge. The car park has 500 spaces, including several disability bays, located close to the Flinders at Tonsley building. Access to the car park is via the South Road entry to the Tonsley precinct. Other parking facilities are also located throughout the Tonsley precinct.

Locate Flinders at Tonsley parking on the Tonsley precinct map.

Parking safety

If you are working after dark, you can move your car to a flood-lit car park at the ‘Park and Ride’ car park near TAFE.

Security escorts are also available after dark if required. Contact the Flinders at Tonsley Concierge to arrange.

Transport between Bedford Park campus and Tonsley

A free Tonsley loop bus is available for staff and students between Tonsley and Bedford Park. The loop bus runs from 7.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday twice hourly.

After 6pm the current Bedford Park loop bus service will include Tonsley as part of its route to and from Marion Shopping Centre.

View the Tonsley loop bus route and schedule (PDF).

Bike parking

There are two bike parking locations available.

Secure bike park

A secure, undercover bike park is provided inside the Flinders at Tonsley building for staff and students. Your bike can be secured with your own lock and the fittings supplied. To gain access to the secure parks, contact the building Concierge to have your access card programmed.

Locate the secure bike park on the ground floor map (PDF).

Open air bike racks

External racks are provided on the northern side of the building. These bike racks are for the use of staff, students and visitors. Your bike can be secured to these racks with your own lock.

All bikes are stored at your own risk.

Public transport

Tonsley is well serviced by trains and buses. Visit Adelaide Metro for timetable information.


The nearest train station to Tonsley is the Clovelly Park stop on the Tonsley line. It is located on Alawoona Avenue at the rear of the Tonsley Park precinct.


South Road bus stop 25 and Bradley Grove bus stop 27 or 27A (at the rear of the Tonsley Park precinct) are the most convenient.

Taxi pickup and drop-off

Taxis enter the Tonsley precinct via South Road and the pickup and drop-off area is adjacent to the Loop Bus stop on the eastern side of Flinders at Tonsley. Contact the Concierge for more information.